RASR Ratings

The ratings below represent our impressions of the bikeability of many of the towns and cities we rode through, combined very non-scientifically into a general feeling we had about each place.  We've listed aspects of community bike-friendliness that are particularly important to us - including pavement surface and availability of bike lanes, paths, or clean shoulders as well as road size, share the road signs, street names and markings for easy navigating, and response of other road users to sharing the roadway.  Since we thought it also beneficial to share our impressions of the sections of road between these communities, we have also compiled overall statewide ratings.  In addition to the ratings under each category we have included comments to illuminate our reasoning.

*Disclaimer: We acknowledge that each rating is based on a single day's experience in each place on a limited number of miles, in many cases without local insight on the best route.  Our aim is simply to stimulate discussion about improvements that could make each location more bike-friendly, especially for first-time visitors.

Please send us your comments, especially if you think we got the wrong impression about your community or state!

Ratings by Community (comments below)

Ratings by State (comments below)


  1. Thanks for the follow-up. I am sorry Oklahoma did not make a better impression on you. We are actually gathering some momentum and are seeing improvement in small ways. This is a good reminder that we have a long ways to go. In my experience, the quick and easy litmus test for friendliness is simply the presence of cyclists. In people are on their bikes, everything else (especially the attitudes of non-cyclists) seemed to follow.

  2. This is a great assessment! You did a terrific job setting up categories and adding comments. This report is more insightful to me than all the "objective" reports I've seen based on statistics. Can you repeat the ride and report every year in order to gauge improvements?

  3. Thanks for your extensive and thorough evaluation of each place and state you cycled. This type of assessment, while subject to the limited data collection and subjective nature of some of the criteria, is still a large step in the direction of improving bicycle safety and access for all Americans. Splendid job. Should we sent this link to the stakeholders - state and city officials and national and local bike clubs? I can help.

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