Western Skies

Desert skies have been the most dramatic...

Sunrise over Van Horn, TX

White Sands and white clouds

Gila Wilderness

Eastern Arizona

Buckhorn, AZ

Buckhorn, AZ

Buckhorn RV Park sunset

Sunset over Joshua Tree Highway, northern AZ

Burro Creek Wilderness, AZ
Sunset over the Las Vegas Strip


  1. Great meeting you all today. Thanks for visiting our town, and for all you are doing advocating for Safe Routes to School and more!

  2. Seems like you women have been spending too much time looking up at the sky and not enough watching out for road hazards and speeding RV drivers! Look at the flat tire statistic! Clearly just riding along admiring the purty clouds....dum de dum....oh, a flat! How did that happen?
    Pay attention.
    BTW, none of those pictures were taken in Big Sky country, where the skies are more wonderful and beautiful, according to Chelsea. At least that's what I thought she said.