How bike-friendly were all those places we visited?

The long-delayed "RASR Ratings" are finally live on our website.  We've compiled our impressions of the bike-friendliness of each community and state we encountered during our cross-continental southern-state tour.  After several weeks to reflect on and compare them all (and arrange them in a somewhat web-friendly format), we are ready to publish them for the review and interest of our loyal followers.  As the disclaimer reads, we by no means conducted a comprehensive survey in each community, but simply made observations as we passed through on a single stretch of road.  We intend only to share a bit of feedback from the perspective of a short-term visitor, and ideally to stimulate discussion around changes that might be made in these locations to attract more cyclists.

Please take a look, share your feedback, and especially let us know if you think we got it wrong in your area!

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  1. What a wonderful compilation of so much data! This type of information needs to get into the hands of the stakeholders and the powerbrokers, so they can act or use it as a stimulus to act.