Final Countdown

9 days til our kick off in Key West. Trip prep is at a climax!

Stephanie arrived in DC on Wednesday on an overnight train from Chicago just in time for a pre-trip happy hour at the Boundary Stone Public House. Thanks to all our friends that came out to support us and send us off! And thanks to our very gracious hosts at Boundary Stone for letting us stake out the front of their pub for 4 hours.

Here, body composition scanning

Mom the masters of public health student had us in to get some baseline exercise science testing done so she can compare the before and after effect of this endeavor on our bodies. Thanks to Cameron and Dr. Berger for administering the tests!

The "Bod Pod" - another body comp test, something
about volume of air displaced versus weight...

And VO2 max testing. Kind of like spinning while
scuba diving...

Today we picked up our van after a few token embellishments - pretty slick!

Many hours of packing followed, during which time we contemplated at regular intervals the space that was going to be our home for the next three months.  Hmm, yes, smallish.  Nevertheless, tomorrow we'll jam in all our gear and Steph and I will hit the road. Next time we check in it will be from sunny Miami!

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  1. You and your team are just wonderful! What a splendid event. Ride, sisters, ride.