Planning, planning, training, planning...

We are gearing up! As Chelsea said the hardest part of the planning process is waiting to get down to Florida and start riding.

Planning is really coming along (in fact it's just about taken over my life!  Can't say I think about much else lately...)  We've got events and school visits in the works all across the first three states on our route, in: Key West, Miami, Venice (FL), Tampa, Deland, Gainesville, White Springs, Jacksonville, St Marys (GA), Savannah, Walterboro (SC), Columbia, Augusta, Athens (GA), and Atlanta.  Future posts will be dedicated to publicizing the details of those events.  And before we even head to Florida to set off on this crazy journey we are spreading the gospel of Safe Routes here in DC with a promotional fundraising happy hour.  Details:

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  1. So many great events and a crescendo of enthusiasm! The tide of safe bicycling will roll across our great land due to your trip. Splendid!