Thank You and Goodbye Middlebury

By the end of the week I will be leaving my beloved Middlebury College in Vermont and all the wonderful people here to join the RASR crew in Florida and begin our adventure! Thank you so much to all my friends for the amazing support and encouragement they have given me for this trip; none of their actions or words have gone unnoticed. As excited as I am for this soon-to-be fantastic trip-of-a-lifetime, I will be thinking about my friends back here the whole way. Through and with them, I have grown the last three and a half years to become the person I am today.(Shout-out to Hannah and Madie for the super-cool bike-cake! I'm not sure who won the best bike card, but there was truly outstanding artistry all around.)

As my friends at Middlebury have shaped me, so too do I look forward to meeting all the fascinating and gracious people who have both already reached out to us through our ride and who will help us all along our route. The generosity of our friends and the people we have connected with for help during our trip has been really wonderful so far, and I know we will only become more humbled by the ability of others to give. Thanks again everyone!


PS: 4 days until kickoff! Go RASR!


  1. You are what you eat! What a great photo.

  2. Yay Chelsea!

    Go get 'em! Up and at 'em! Show 'em what you're made of!

    Beautiful blog post, lovin'-the-hyphens!

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow (and today too I guess :)!


  3. Dearest Foxy--you are already missed and we cannot wait to read more about your adventures. What do you think about an independent project on Chamois Time? Xo