Heading west yet?

After a nice rest in Walterboro we rode 90 miles, our longest day yet, to Columbia South Carolina. We spent the night with Rachael and Mike Bronson and their three animals Jack, Daisy and Nu-nu.  Rachael works for the Palmetto Bike Coalition and was gracious to put us up for the night. You were wonderful hosts, thanks for letting our bikes and crew take over your home. 

On our route we encountered our first big hills, which everyone just loves (except for Stephanie, being from Illinois and all). However, catching speed on the way down those hills is something we can all appreciate and enjoy (see Geico commercial of the little piggy- wee weee weeeeee).

In Colombia we visited Leaphart Elementary School and talked to over 400 students about bike safety.  They were a very enthusiastic and attentive audience. What a great bunch of students you have there. Thanks to Principle Dr. Gary, Vice Principle Kelly Brown for having us, and Nicole Brown with Safe Routes to School to help Coordinate.

It was a quick visit to South Carolina and we are back in Georgia. We met an amazing character named Martin Cochran, AKA "Gator" when we got near Augusta. We would like to hire him to be our tour agent. He hooked us up in Augusta and has spoiled the team. Thanks Gator for everything you set up for us... a scrumptious dinner, police escort, hotel accommodations, tour guide, school connection, and the list goes on and on and on. You're off the chain. 

Thanks to Gator we had quite the eventful schedule for the 12 hours that we were in Augusta. Thanks Wheel Movement and Augusta Greenway members for meeting and chatting with us that night even though we were cold and hungry, you were all very understanding.
 The team had our first high school event at Richmond Academy to talk about bike safety and bike touring. First period is rough for a high school student but I think they liked us and asked some great questions.   

Another BIG THANK YOU to Brett at OutSpokin Bicycle shop for donating some gear to Ride America For Safe Routes. We appreciate your services so much, you have an awesome store. It was the perfect morning to ride along the canal and have you bike with us. Thanks to Phil Cohen from Chain Reaction Bikes for leading us all day and Doyce, Dave, Dickie, and Connor for riding with us.

It was a perfect day's ride from Augusta to Washington Georgia. Washington is the cutest little town outside of Athens. The townspeople were so friendly and welcoming. Thank you Washington Chamber of Commerce for dinner at the Jockey across the street from our beautiful Fitzgerald Hotel. We all slept so well and wish we had more time to spend in this wonderful town!! 
Super dog - dock diving comp in Charleston
Dinner in Charleston with Linda Crabbe
Our hosts Ron and Debbie with their granddaughters
Our first big hills

Columbia Three Rivers Greenway

Rachael's Great Pyrenees dog/horse Jack

Captive audience at Leaphart Elementary
The "flying square" - our typical riding formation

Talking with high schoolers at Richmond Academy

Top notch service at Outspokin'!

Third, and best, police escorts

First Baptist Church in GA and scenic lunch spot

lovin' the open road

Darlene's got style

Thanks to Dave and Dickie for riding with us all day

Tonight's home - the Fitzpatrick

Posted by Stephanie


  1. Y'all are amazing and such an inspiration. Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Love the flying square formation! Reminds me of other famous formations in military history, though none really compare favorably to the F.S. You guys rock!