Have you heard of the Silver Comet Trail? Do you know about the Silver Comet Trail? Almost from day 1 of planning this trip, we were perpetually being asked if we would be traveling on the renowned Silver Comet Trail on our route from Atlanta to Birmingham. I can now officially reassure you that we have covered every mile of the fabulous rail-trail that runs for over 60 miles in the last two days. Monday we added the 30+ miles of the Chief Ladiga trail (also rail-trail), which brought us all the way into Anniston, AL.

Early-morning escort group leaving Atlanta (Jeff, Derek, Drago).
Alright, let's review. Sunday morning we had an early and chilly start leaving from Jeff's place in downtown-ish Atlanta. Jett helped the team out once again by leading us and our trusted escorts (pictured above) to the start of the Silver Comet Trail. Once on the trail, we immediately met up with Doug Fallon of Bike Roswell, who had ridden with the crew coming into Atlanta on Friday as well. The trend continued as we connected with a large group of riders from the BikeCobb organization, which we discovered through our great connection Celeste. We had a good group that rode the whole way with us!
BikeCobb biker-gang joins us.

Look at that pack!

We finished our day before lunch since we had gotten such an early start leaving Atlanta, which was perfect timing to stop at another place that had preceeded it's location: Frankie's Italian Restaurant in Rockmart, GA. Frankie lived up to all the wonderful stories we were told about her and the food she serves! Just like us, Frankie is trying to get more people on bikes. On March 31 Frankie's Italian Restaurant, along with many of the other organizations we were in touch with in Georgia, is sponsoring a bicycling social event to kick off the 2012 cycling season. Frankie's Ride to the Border sounds like a lot of fun on the famous Silver Comet Trail.  http://www.brag.org/Frankies.html
Frankie's famous cyclist stop

Scenery of the Silver Comet Trail
On Monday, we continued our trek on the Silver Comet Trail, and crossed another state border into Alabama! From here we'll be going through more than one state a week until we hit Texas. At our lunch stop in Piedmont, AL we met the mayor! We've been told about so many cool cycling events in this region, we'd like to come back some day and participate. Keep up the good work!
End of the Silver Comet Trail, and on to Alabama!

Blinded border warriors - sun in our eyes!
Thank you to our friends Charlie Lattuada and Lisa who took us out to a delicious dinner Monday night and treated us to a Marriott stay in Anniston. The hot tub time last night was much appreciated! On to Birmingham today to see more friends.
Scenic lunch spot in Piedmont, AL

PowerRanger handlebar bags, :)

Steph being crazy, big surprise.
We're honored to have ridden on the Silver Comet/Chief Ladiga Trails.

Posted by Chelsea


  1. Dear RASR Team:

    We just heard about your trip from MIDD polo coach Brian Goodwin, and have just finished reading through your blog. You are experiencing a great adventure for a fabulous cause! On my own northern route cross country ride in '09, I found all the states between the coasts to be very safe and cycle friendly. With your advocacy, and that of all who are with you in spirit, the safety of cyclists will be promoted and advanced, and for that, cyclists everywhere will thank you.

    Savor every mile, enjoy every calorie, bask in the glow of every sunrise and sunset! Ride on in safety!

    Gerry and Nancy LaPlante (Suffield, CT)

  2. I thought you RASR riders were the Silver Comets! Thanks for clarifying this in your blog.