Daily Affirmation

Life on the road is not easy. We have good days and bad days. Blue skies and headwinds. But at the end of everyday we go to bed happy and laugh about the days events and the adventures we have had. Riding across America sounds like a crazy dream, but its been an amazing reality. We look forward to the small things like ice cream breaks, newly paved roads, correct Google directions, tailwinds, Manatee sightings, and Terry bike seats. The best part of all is meeting new people everyday and reuniting with old friends and family. The generosity and hospitality we have been shown throughout our trip has been truly amazing. We have meet so many kind people and families that have bought us dinner, given us a place to stay, offered to help drive the van, donated bike parts, and even strangers giving us donations out of their pockets on the street. This world is full of so many compassionate and kindhearted individuals. So often we rush through our days without remembering what is really important to us and how we can help other people. Thus far this trip has been a true testament to the human spirit and reminded us how acts of kindness can change a persons life.  Thank you to everyone we have met and rode with along the way. We are having the trip of a lifetime because of your support and kindness.


  1. Always awesome to see your progress and photos. This is your best post yet. You are all inspiring. Our little key west group rode around lake okeechobee last weekend. Fog, rain, fire, 80 miles headwind to 116 miles all safely done. Thought of yall as I rode 100 solo. Music playing, singing to myself. Wish I could ride with y'all the whole way. Going to try to catch y'all in Cali. If you need anything we can send you please tell me. Glad I could meet yall and start you off. Patrick- fixed gears- key west

  2. Keep pedaling around those tornadoes, RASR team. Do not ride through a funnel cloud. Even athletic superstars like you could have difficulty. On to Memphis tomorrow! See you in San Antonio.