Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet home Alabama, where the skies are blue? Not quite. Nothing but rain and mist riding through Alabama today. After an amazing southern home cooked meal by Joy and Price Kloess in Crestview (best rum cake EVER) we made our way across the state through coal country and tornado warnings. Besides a few wrong turns, loose gravel roads, and dozens of curious dogs out on a lark, we managed to make it to safety and scathe by the torrential rain. The foothills of the Appalachian mountains have not gone unnoticed by our quads. Stephanie will be looking forward to some flat terrain in the near future.

Our fabulous Birmingham hosts, Price and Joy

Amended formation - flying isoceles

Atlanta '96 Olympic soccer stadium

Alabama mountaintop removal


Hundreds of coal trucks

Off roading

Riding into the storm



Taking cover

Posted by: Stephanie

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  1. Such great photos! Joy Kloess looks younger than she did when she lived in San Antonio. Price also looks great, but more distinguished and mature. Watch out for the softball-sized hail and tornadoes. You guys rock!