Happy Birthday Steve/Daddy!

March 12, 2012
We started our day calling back to Washington DC to sing Happy Birthday to Steve.  We wish he were with us, but someone has to work to help pay the bills while we're on our bike trip, having adventures and meeting so many great people.  We look forward to having Steve join us in a couple weeks in San Antonio.

Yesterday, it was hard to tear ourselves away from Randy and his adorable schnauzers.  Thanks again Randy (and Emily whom we hope to meet next visit!) for your wonderful hospitality.  Stephanie's cousin Daena and her sidekick Rico also spent some time visiting with us in Owasso.

We are inspired to return one year to join the Tulsa cyclists on the Free Wheel ride across Oklahoma.  Lots of good ideas for rides in and near Oklahoma!

We waited until the downpour let up a bit to leave Owassa and headed across the north then west side of downtown using the Katy trail and Osage Prairie trail for part of the route.  Not too many other local riders were seen on this cool and drizzly morning.  Once we turned onto historic route 66, the rain stopped and we enjoyed some beautiful clouds.  Most of the route from Tulsa to Stroud was a nice ride, with minimal traffic on a Sunday afternoon, and wide, fairly clean shoulders.

We were treated to dinner in Stroud at Vallarta Mexican restaurant, by Keith, a cross-country cyclist alum, who had made his self-supported trip last summer from Maine to Washington state, and was still in "withdrawal," from his ride- not quite readjusted to life out of the saddle.  Keith was so excited to hear of our experiences and share many of his similar good stories of being hosted by wonderful people along his route and living the simple life of ride, eat, sleep, repeat.  Thanks Keith for treating us to dinner and ICE CREAM! and sharing your excitement about cross country cycling.

After dinner we just made it across the road to the Sooner Motel after dinner and slept-in until nearly 8am Monday morning!
Daena and Rico

Our gracious host Randy and Junie

Historic Rt 66

Lovin' the sunsets


Oklahoma energy boom - oil, nat gas, and wind

Twins - thanks Katie and Dave!

Another day on Rt 66 - sunny and mid 70's
We had another great ride today, Monday, into Oklahoma City- mostly Rt 66- with a bit more traffic and alot more sun-  not a cloud in the sky today.  We did lose the nice shoulder that we enjoyed along 66 yesterday, but found most drivers considerate, passing us with a good margin.  Next trip, we might spend more time in Chandler, where the Historic Rt 66 Museum is located.

The wonderful family hosting us in Bethany, an Oklahoma City suburb, included Zeno, Leslie and daughters Zoe and Quinn and loyal guard dog Archey.  We loved hearing Zoe play the bass and hear about her adventures.  Quinn was adorable as well and tried hard to keep up with her sister.  A sushi dinner was enjoyed by all at Shiki.

The Round Barn

Stop at Sonic for the daily ice cream

Steph and Zoe

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  1. You guys are doing a great job, and it looks like you are having fun too. I hope Texas is flat and friendly, with the wind at your back!