Oh What a Beautiful Morning

There is an old saying that a wise women once told me, it goes something like this...

30   miles a day keeps the doctor away
50   miles a day sheds the pounds away
100 miles a day and you can eat all the ice cream you want because that's a very long way

The team is refreshed after staying 2 nights in Owasso Oklahoma at Randy and Emily Carpenters lovely guest apartment. Randy made us an awesome spaghetti dinner when we rolled into town, just what we needed after biking up the killer hill to get to his house. He  let us take full advantage of his garage for a spring cleaning of the Manatee and our bikes. SPRINGTIME is here and the spring forward time change will give us extra daylight hours for riding, and mark the almost halfway point of our journey.

I also wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all the Girl Scouts out there who have sold us boxes and boxes of their delicious cookies. Thank you for having your cookie season in the spring and helping us fill our sugar void.

Meeting the Tulsa Bike Club. So many Recumbent bikes in one place.

The two sisters just cant seem to spend enough time together...they are thinking about trading in their touring bikes to get a tandem. Only if Chelsea gets to drive. HA! 

It was a gorgeous spring Saturday morning when we met the Tulsa Bike Club at Mohawk Park for their  5 mile spring training ride. It was great to talk with some of the local bicyclists in the Tulsa area and hear their stories. Good luck with your ride across Oklahoma!! Thank you for everyone who contributed to the stocked fridge at the Carpenters for us. We really appreciate it! 

When we head out from Tulsa this morning we will be riding the legendary Route 66. Looking forward to riding this "Mother Road" through the south and experiencing Americana on this famous road.  Just waiting for the rain to stop... Please stop.

Winner of best helmet hair. Classic

Junie, the Carpenter's new puppy. So cute and sweet. Watch out Randy, she might fit in Jeanie's handle bar bag.

Chris and Denise with their dogs at their beautiful home in Hulbert Oklahoma. Best pancacks I have had west of the Mississippi River.

Lunch break at the Amish Bakery in Chouteau, Oklahoma. Yummers

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  1. The team leader got some sunshine on her pretty face! If you didn't put Junie in the handlebar bag, I will be driving down there to attempt a cloning. The three dogs I have here all have their challenging behavior patterns, so what I really need is another one, especially a puppy.....