Stormy Skies

One major event that Chelsea forgot to mention - probably because it was five days ago and we struggle to remember everything that happened more than a few hours ago - was a massive overnight desert thunderstorm we weathered outside of Del Rio.  Fortuitously Jane had sprung an extra $10 for a cabin rather than having us pitch our tents at the campground so we were "indoors", but I wouldn't say the cabin, which was essentially a portable building on a steel frame, was a very confidence-inspiring place to be during the storm.  In any case, after the sun went down Chelsea noticed that the eastern sky was putting on a light show of constant lightning behind a curtain of rain.  We watched the storm approach over Lake Amistad as the winds picked up and soon we were in the middle of it.  For several hours the storm raged around us and at times directly above us, with lightning seeming to strike the lightpoles outside our window and knocking out the power early on.  It was more than a little nerve-wracking to be perched on a hill near the shore of the lake in a portable building and definitely impossible to sleep until the center of the storm finally passed over us.  No permanent damage done - we left the windows in the van cracked so Chels had to run out in the midst of the worst of it to save the Manatee from flooding, and some of our perishables didn't survive after the power went out to the fridge - but we were certainly impressed by the power of a desert thunderstorm!

Lake Amistad, morning after the storm

Rt 90 rest stop, clouds materializing over the mountains

Straight into another storm

Near Alpine, TX

Again near Alpine, TX


  1. Hi, if you haven't already today you will Sun or Monday cross paths with the east bound Adv Cycling van supported tour lead by Dave Points & Sean Sweeney. I'll meet you in Mesilla for the Two Wheel Tues. SRTS ride Ashleigh Curry leads. I'm looking forward to meeting you...

  2. Another great post. I bet night riding down there was a blast. Make sure the Bike House in Silver City is on your itinerary.

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